Gettin' Poddy: Podcasts I (currently) love!

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

I don't know about you guys, but every day it feels like I'm finding a new podcast to check out. Podcasts are the new media these days (starting with Serial in 2014, IMO), and most recently they are getting the attention of brands - think Shopify and ZipRecruiter - influencers, celebs and entrepreneurs.

When I commuted to work in Baltimore, my favorite podcasts included S-Town, Missing Richard Simmons, Who? Weekly and My Dad Wrote a Porno (driving up to work listening to a 60 year old writer describe a blow job is pretty fun).

Now that I'm at a career crossroads and in a state of self exploration, I have gravitated toward inspirational podcasts that I can get some advice from. Here are a few of my faves that you should check out as well.

1) Girlboss Radio

I have a girl crush with Sophia Amoruso. I picked up #GirlBoss the moment it hit the shelves and have been following her journey ever since. Girlboss Radio reveals the lives of some of the top influencers, and inspiring women from all walks of life. From the former CCO of Hearst Magazine to Jen Atkin hair, you will find these stories will build up your confidence and think "I can do it too!"

2) Jen Gotch Is Ok...Sometimes

This podcast is brought to you by Girlboos Radio. Jen Gotch is a very funny, very REAL entrepreneur who is also the founder of, which inspired my site design! Her podcast talks about mental health and shares her own fear facing experiences. A great listen if you are feeling alone in your thoughts, and the good news is it's only 14 episodes deep so you can listen to 'em all.

3) Getting Curious

JVN for President! No, for real. Think about that for a minute...! This podcast has actually been around since 2015 but I just started listening it it since Queer Eye. JVN talks inteligently about hot issues that are happening in the world. Suicide rates among the LGBTQ society, the negative affects of family separation and religion with his guests. Not to mention JVN is literally a sponge. He is SO smart and on it 100% of the time. I stan him.

4) The Goal Digger Podcast

This is a great podcast for tips on getting what you want and how to get there. It's a mix of advice straight from Jenna Kutcher, but also features guest appearances. If you are looking for a lighthearted podcasts about how to up your Instagram game, mixed with career advice, then this is a great listen.

What are you listening to? Any recommendations? Leave them in the comments below!


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